TNI Supplement Calculator

This calculator will provide a suggested dosing schedule for the basic TNI protocol. This includes Nutrivene-D Daily Antioxidant, Nutrivene Polyphenol Support, Longvida Curcumin, Nutrivene Enzymes, Nutrivene Nighttime, and DHA.

I designed this for my personal reference only. Use at your own risk.

When beginning a new supplement, start at 1/4 - 1/2 dose. Work up to a full dose over a period of two weeks or more. Phase in one new supplement at a time. Start with NVD, followed by Polyphenol support and curcumin (these can be phased in together), then others as desired.

If the subject suffers from reflux, you should investigate whether or not enzymes will be helpful. To get the enzyme dosage, select "No" for the reflux question.

Check your Polyphenol bottle carefully and select the correct option.

**VERY IMPORTANT** The Nutrivene Daily dosage is for the NEW FORMULA. If you have the older formula *without* lycopene, please follow the dosage on your bottle! It is different from the dose shown here!